I want to dedicate my family

Family Dedication is more about you, the parents, than it is about your precious children. Dedication is a choice to dedicate your lives, as parents, to sharing and modeling the Truth of the Bible and the love of Christ. It’s about making a commitment to raise your children in an environment that leads their hearts to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Like a baptism, it’s a public declaration; but unlike baptism, the parents are making the choice. Jesus modeled a choice in being baptized and we believe your children get to make that choice for themselves when they are older.

Family Dedication ceremonies typically happen at different times throughout the year during worship services, but we also encourage you to dedicate your child in a more personal, intimate setting if you prefer. It is not required to dedicate your children in front of the whole church family. Sharing this special occasion with your Family Group or immediate family and friends is equally impactful, and can open the opportunity for out of town family and friends to share this commitment with you.

Anyone who is making the choice to commit their life to modeling the ways of Jesus and the Bible to their child, or children, is welcome. If you are the only parent who is a follower of Christ, or you are a single parent, we welcome you to be part of a Family Dedication ceremony.