Bible Reading Plans
Sometimes, just know where to begin reading can be the biggest hurdle to jump. Why not use a bible reading plan to blast through that barrier? Click on plans below to view and download.
You’re invited to embark on an exciting journey to discover God’s character from the bible! You’ll also learn practical ways to: navigate trials, love others, control your words, live at peace, walk through suffering, and more.
Click the JAMES Bible Reading Plan image for a full page version or click here for a booklet form.
Follow Jesus’ leadership in becoming a hearer and a doer of God’s word!
Links To Bibles Online
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Small Group Resources
Reading the bible and praying on your own time is important. So is doing that in friendship with other believers.
Think about this: for the overwhelming majority of history, the bible has been read, listened to, and talked about in gatherings far more than it ever has been in private.
Much of the New Testament is written in the plural. For the most part, you can assume a “you” is not referring to a single person, but to “y’all’s” or “you-ins!”
Below, you’ll find resources that will help you take steps of growth in community with other believers.