Tools for Better Bible Study

Could you image in a carpenter trying to build a closet with nothing more than a hammer? She would not get very far in the project. Even if she did, the closet wouldn’t be very trustworthy or pleasant to look at. A skilled carpenter has many tools in her toolbox. Every time she works with those tools, she gets better and more skilled.
It’s very similar with Bible study. It’s true that all you really need is the Bible to discover who God is and what He’s inviting you into. Sometimes, you will come across passages or topics that you need additional tools to help you understand a little more. Below is a list of tools you might use to help you engage in better Bible study.

1 | Prayer and the Holy Spirit

As a follower of Christ, the most powerful person you have who will help you understand the Bible is the Holy Spirit. He leads you into truth and reminds you of all the things Jesus said. Click the button on the right to learn more about the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

2 | Study Bible

A good study Bible is different from a standard Bible. A study bible will include a number of tools and resources like:
  • Introductions to major sections of the Bible: Torah, Writings, Gospels, Letters, etc
  • Introductions to each book: author, recipients, date, theme, etc
  • Concordance and topical lists
  • Commentary on verses
  • Newer study Bibles are beginning to include selected Hebrew and Greek lexicons
Click the buttons on the right to see some of the best study Bibles in various translations.
NOTE: Study Bibles are different than life application Bibles. 

3 | Bible Concordance

A Bible concordance is an index of all the words contained in the Bible. This is helpful when looking up to see where words are used across the Bible. Most concordances have lexicons that help you know the meanings of the original Hebrew and Greek words, providing additional depth and understanding.
You can get a concordance that matches the version of Bible you study from.’s search bar acts as an online concordance.

4 | Bible Dictionary

A Bible dictionary contains most of the major words in the Bible and provides definitions, additional bible references, as well as historical, geographical, and cultural information.
An especially helpful print version is the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary.
An online version can be found at

5 | Bible Commentary

A Bible commentary is a collection of explanations and interpretations of text in the Bible. Scholars offer insights into words, culture, even grammar.
NOTE: Commentaries are written by people and are not infallible. Consult commentaries only after you have done your own study.
A trustworthy single-volume commentary is the New Bible Commentary.
Online commentary can be found at Most online versions are public domain and quite dated. Scholarship has greatly increased over the last 150 years.

 A Process for Better Bible Study

The right tools are important. Partnering those tools with a trusted process is even better. Click the image below to download the Guide To Better Bible Study.