May 28, 2020

 May 22, 2020

Lighthouse Community Family,
     We are so thankful for God’s grace in the life of our church family! We continue to see his hand working in the lives of many different people. It is so encouraging to know the church family is continuing to lean into God during this time of physical separation. He really is our Hope!
     As you may have already heard, Lighthouse Community will reopen our building on Sunday, May 31 for in-person worship services at 9:09 and 11:11. We’re excited to be able to offer this ministry opportunity.
     In addition, we are also excited to continue ministering to our new online campus. One small change that you will notice is that we will move from two live stream times to one online worship service at 10:27am (a little throw back to our beginnings!) which will be available on, Facebook, and YouTube.
     Many have asked, “What it will be like to come back to Lighthouse?” Feeling a bit anxious is normal. The simple answer to the question is that we will continue to focus on scripture, prayer, and community; however, we will be making adjustments based on the suggestions of experts.
On Sunday, May 31 you can expect…
  • To worship God through music and a sermon from our series in Jonah.
  • The chairs in the worship center will be reorganized into clusters to support a degree of social distancing. Families will be together since children’s ministries will not begin right away.
  • We will not be offering donuts (trust us – this was a tough decision), but we will serve coffee that our coffee team will be happy to make for you to your order!
  • Some people will choose to wear masks. People will smile and say hello without a handshake.
     Of course, we are asking anyone who has symptoms, knows that they have been exposed, or has been in regular contact with such people to delay their return to the Lighthouse Community building. We also are encouraging people with underlying conditions to make good choices based on their health situation. We ask you to use common sense considerations when making your decisions.
     Many are ready to return to services (and tired of zoom meetings!). They deeply desire to come to Lighthouse Community to worship and to pray in community with other believers. There is something special that happens when Christ followers gather! We think we can do this safely with a novel building set-up to maintain social distancing along with appropriate cleaning procedures after each service. We believe the Lighthouse Community family will act responsibly for the good of everyone.
     We are so thankful for each person who calls Lighthouse Community home. We are thankful for God’s grace and look forward with great anticipation to seeing each of you soon!
Your Elders at Lighthouse Community